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July 05, 2006



I totally know Kookie Karma!!!!!!! I totally got them at Erewhon in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your product, because white flour and eggs and dairy and sugar disgust me. I am a Kookie Snob.


Karma Kookies? More like heaven!! I hope you keep updating this blog. I just ordered more because of the blog!!! so keep making me spend all my money!!


Kookie Karmas are my favorite snack in the whole world. I can feel their energy burst through my body and they get me though my hard day of seeing patients in the Bronx. They also remind me of the clean living and purity that I strive for everyday! I will eat no other kookies! Thank you, Ms. Juli!


I just can't get enough....thanks for making these delicious cookies.

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Oh, an entire year of A Finger in Every Pie. Congratulations on your blogaversary. Really, it feels like you've been blogging for years. I enjoy your beautiful writing and your scrumptious recipes.

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